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How It Works

A Plan You Can Trust

3 Steps to Website Success

Distill Your Story Process #1

Schedule a Free Q&A Call

Get on our calendar to see if your website needs and our services are a good fit.

Distill Your Story Process #2

Start Your Website Project

Identify and focus the story you need to share to engage visitors and drive them to act.

Distill Your Story Process #3

Build and Launch Your Website

Take your website design from idea to functioning site that you release into the world.

What You Can Expect

Imagine a Website That Works For Your Business

Phase 1 – Creative

Start Your Project

50% Project Launch Retainer due to begin work on Phase 1 of your project.

Project Discovery

We meet via Zoom to get a better understanding of your website needs, goals, and full scope of the project.

Messaging Development

Our team identifies the unique story and brand message your website needs to engage visitors and move them from leads to customers.

Content Copywriting

Our copywriters craft compelling and clear copy for all website pages, including headlines, body text, calls to action and product descriptions.

Custom Wireframing

Our designers create visual representations of your website pages with colors, menus, page layouts and blocks for visuals.

Phase 2 – Build and Launch

Build and Launch Payment

30% Project Mid-Point Retainer due to begin work on Phase 2 of your project.

Website Development

Using the wireframes as a guide, content pages are created in WordPress with written copy and visuals added and tested.

Website Testing

An interactive test version of the site is shared for you to test and review on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Final Sign-off

Finals edits are approved and all content sign-off. Following sign-off project balance is due in full before site is launched.

Website Launch

Site is pushed live to your domain and submitted to search engines for review and full indexing.

Isn’t it time your brand began to thrive online?